COMPLETED PROJECT ~ 1963 Corvette Split Wndw
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Completed Project: 1963 Corvette Split Wndw
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1963 Corvette Split Wndw Photo Gallery
This is quite a car, and quite a find!

We were approached by a client who had been looking for a '63 Chevrolet Corvette "Split Window" and was having a difficult time finding one.

Last Chance Auto was able to locate this nice original red '63 split window 4 speed manual car!

After helping our client locate the car (and connecting our client with the seller) we arranged the shipping to our shop (in a nice enclosed trailer).

We will be performing a full cosmetic and an M.T.O. Safety Inspection and making arrangements for an independent appraisal service to assess the current value of the Corvette for our client.

After performing a full inspection on the car we noted several items that need to be corrected.

This rare split window Corvette looks great with attention to detail on the body, paint and interior. There are several mechanical areas that needs some attention though.

The Corvette does not start in gear (with the clutch depressed). The motor and Muncie 4 speed manual transmission has numerous fluid leaks and appears to have a linkage issue (will not move through the gears). The water pump appears to be seeping coolant too.

The headlights do not operate, the windshield wiper and washer does not work either.

There was no spare wheel and tire and cosmetically the exhaust manifolds had a heavy film of surface rust on them.

We removed both exhaust manifolds, media blasted them and coated them with a special high heat manifold ceramic cast iron look coating.

The wheels and tires were removed and the brakes were inspected. The wheel cylinders were leaking brake fluid. We replaced all 4 wheel cylinders, cleaned and adjusted all brakes and re installed the brake drums along with the wheels and tires.

We removed the clutch fan, pulleys, front timing cover and old water pump. A new replacement water pump was degreased and painted the correct Chevy orange.

The single timing chain and sprockets were replaced with an upgraded dual timing chain and sprockets. We also installed new front seal, new rear seal and new oil pan gaskets.

The rusted and worn clutch, pressure plate and release bearing were removed after the Muncie 4 Speed manual transmission was removed.

The Muncie 4 speed was completely rebuilt and received all new gaskets too! The shifter linkage was also reworked.

The pressure plate was sent out to our machine shop and was resurfaced to as good as new condition.

The manual transmission was re installed into the car (after the all new clutch components were installed). The dual exhaust system was re aligned properly when it was re assembled to the car.

With the rebuilt transmission and new clutch components installed and all new fluids added, the complete driveline was checked over and it now shifts perfectly!

Our attention turned to the electrical issues next. The headlight motors were removed and rebuilt. We also installed new park switches for the headlights. With the rebuilt motors re installed, the headlights now work as they did when new!

The non working windshield washer motor and pump was replaced a reconditioned one. All of the brittle and original looking washer hoses were all replaced with new.

We noticed that the inside edge of both front tires could touch up against the frame on both sides when the steering wheel was turned full in both directions (not a safe thing). We welded correct stoppers to both sides and painted where the welds were performed.

The tires now clear the inside of the frame as they should. We also installed a brand new tire and rim as a spare tire and installed it in the spare tire holder under the chassis.

The original steering box was leaking a quite worn (the worm gears had excessive play) and was replaced with a rebuilt steering box.

The last items on our "to do list" was a fresh tune up (new spark plugs, distributor cap, rotor, ignition coil, and setting the timing and tuning the fuel injection settings.

This beautiful '63 Corvette now runs and drives as good as it looks.....and looks fantastic!

With all of the mechanical work completed, this nice Corvette has passed the M.T.O. Safety Standards and has a new certificate.

The independent appraisal company arrived and assessed the Corvette as a "95 Plus Point Car". They seemed to be extremely impressed with the rarity of the car and its overall presentation.

Our client should be thrilled!

You are viewing the 1963 CORVETTE SPLIT WNDW in completed projects.

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