COMPLETED PROJECT ~ 1968 Mustang Resto Mod
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Completed Project: 1968 Mustang Resto Mod
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1968 Mustang Resto Mod Photo Gallery
This is a fun and interesting build for us!

We purchased this 1968 Ford Mustang Coupe (an abandoned project) to create a "Resto Mod" idea that we have had for quite a while.

This Mustang had been taken apart several years ago. We bought it with no engine or transmission and numerous missing parts. It was a very basic model new.

It was originally a 302 V8 car, 3 speed manual transmission, no power steering, no power brakes, four wheel drum brakes and a basic non posi rear axle. It was originally painted "Tahoe Turquoise".

Our vision is to make numerous upgrades to this Mustang . We will improve the ride, handling, braking, power and over all appearance and comfort.

We purchased a 1988 Mustang G.T. for the E.F.I. 5.0 V8 Motor and T5 five speed manual transmission. We also purchased a better rear differential assembly (3.55 Ratio, Posi Traction and heavy duty rear brakes).

We ordered a complete power front disc brake conversion kit, a Painless wiring harness, new motor mounts, new transmission mount, and a long list of brand new parts.

This custom build began by removing all remaining trim from the car. The complete body was sanded down to bare metal, sealed with a two part epoxy primer and grey high build primer was applied.

Many hours of block sanding and body smoothing was performed between each layer of high build primer until a nice smooth body finish was achieved. All body and trim panels were dry fitted and adjusted to ensure proper fitment for reassembly after paint.

The front end section of the Mustang was repaired, degreased and media blasted. The complete front clip received three coats of high gloss black two part epoxy.

We performed a compression test to our donor E.F.I 5.0 Litre V8 Motor. It is a VERY strong motor with 150 p.s.i reading for each cylinder!

We dismantled the motor, degreased, cleaned and painted the engine block and components. The oil pan was replaced, all new gaskets installed and many new parts installed.

The throttle body was upgraded to a new larger (70mm BBK throttle body). The intake was upgraded with a better Edelbrock intake along with a new Edelbrock RPM Performer II. We added a nice set of high polished Hooker Headers too!

The "T5" five speed manual transmission was degreased, cleaned and painted. We replaced the clutch, pressure plate and release bearing and replaced the clutch cable with new.

Our "new" motor and transmission was dry fitted into the Mustang engine bay and everything bolted up as we wanted. We pulled the motor and transmission back out and continued on with the body work.

With the body shell and all of its panels nice and straight and smooth, the high quality base coat/clear coat paint was applied.

We chose a really nice Ford red (in our opinion) called Vermillion Red. We quite like the colour!

The engine and transmission was re installed (along with the new headers and a new Hurst Shifter).

We installed the new aluminum radiator and began running the new Painless Wiring Harness.

The doors and fenders were installed and adjusted. We made our own "special" stripe package. We did not want to call this Mustang a GT350 or a Cobra or a Shelby.

We thought "G.T. 5.0" made sense and gives people a hint what is hiding under the hood!

The old drum brakes were removed, the new complete Power Front Disc Brake Conversion Kit was installed, the original old rear end assembly was removed, the replacement rear end assembly was set into place.

We installed a nice sound insulation package to the entire floor.

This Custom Mustang is getting a "One of One" Custom Made hood with dual scoops! It has a 4 Inch lift (we require extra height because of the upgraded Edelbrock intake). It was dry fitted to ensure fit and removed to continue with the re assembly.

The front grille is a new upgraded "G.T" style with auxiliary driving lamps. The upgraded L.E.D. headlights were installed and surrounded with stainless steel rings.

The rear tail light assemblies were upgraded to a sequential L.E.D. kit and installed.

This Mustang's interior re assembly is also in progress. The rebuilt white faced cluster and dash was dry fitted and installed to the dash and a special polished aluminum dash face kit was also installed.

A special white faced tachometer was installed in the custom center console (to match the white faced gauges in the cluster).

The custom new Halo LED Headlights and special Sequential LED Tail Lights were installed. See the short YouTube Video here...

The all new custom front and rear seats with custom consoles are also installed.

A new upgraded MP3 Stereo system is now installed. It looks nice with the authentic looking front face. Upgraded speakers were also installed, two 6 x 9's in the rear parcel shelf and two 5 1/4" speakers in new front kick panels.

With this nice Mustang completely re assembled, it was taken out on a few road tests.

What a fun car to drive and enjoy!

See a YouTube walk-a-round presentation of this custom build here.....

You are viewing the 1968 MUSTANG RESTO MOD in completed projects.

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